Croatia is a country of South and Southeast Europe, located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro on continental part and it is sharing maritime border in the Adriatic Sea with Italy.

Croatia is small but highly geographically diverse country with many different regions, dialects and cultural characteristics. The hilly northern parts and the flat plains in the east are traversed by major rivers such as Dunav, Drava, Kupa, and Sava. The central and southern regions near the Adriatic coastline and islands consist of low mountains and forested highlands.

The capital is Zagreb, located in the north. Other bigger cities are Osijek, Split and Rijeka. Most of them are positioned on the Adriatic coast where the bulk of the tourist industry is concentrated.

Besides beautiful Mediterranean coastline with over 1000 islands, our country is most known for scientist Nikola Tesla, who was born in Croatia, neck ties (Cravat) which soldiers in the Middle age wore around their necks and delicious homemade food and drinks. Croatian are known as a friendly people and good hosts. They are always looking forward to introduce foreigners with local food and sometimes force them to try it even though they are not hungry.

We are really excited to show you our beautiful country and unique gems!


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