To get easier and faster to Zagreb, our sponsor FlixBus offered a 15% discount for all the participants of our ELASA mini meeting. After we receive your payment you will get a coupon you can use for a bus ticket to get to Zagreb and back home.

Our meeting is starting on Monday and we will be more than happy if you would arrive sooner or stay longer than planned Sunday morning (last day of the meeting), to explore Zagreb and Croatia more. Our partner Chillout hostel offers you a discount for accommodation before or after our meeting. Also, they offer Free Tour Zagreb (which we will organize on Monday before the meeting if enough people apply), affordable Plitvice Lakes excursion (the most famous National Park of Croatia), Pub Crawl and many more. If you are interested in coming earlier mention that when we get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you out with any question you have. We will try to arrange for someone from the OC to meet and hang out with you.


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During our 7-day trip we will Go With The Flow and visit capital city of Croatia and Istria region.

day 1

Welcome to Croatia!
Gathering at meeting point in the afternoon.
Let’s meet each other and have dinner. Croatian students are joining us to mingle.

day 2

Introduction presentations at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture from professors and sponsors.
Exploring Zagreb and visiting DIONAEA – GARDENS landscape architecture studio.

day 3

Exploring Istria and amazing countryside.
Night walk in Rovinj.

day 4

On site visit and presentations from studio KAPPO and DIONAEA – GARDENS landscape architecture studio.
Introduction to workshop in European Capital of Culture 2020, city of Rijeka.

day 5

Even though it is Labor Day, we will roll up our sleeves!
Workshop in European Capital of Culture 2020, city of Rijeka.

day 6

Exploring European Capital of Culture 2020, city of Rijeka.
Leaving for Zagreb.
International dinner and balkan party time!
International dinner is a traditional ELASA dinner where each participant bring and/or cook food specific for their country. We will provide you a restaurant kitchen but we don’t expect from you anything wild. If you don’t want to cook, just bring some traditional food or drink with you that stays fresh longer than a week (we can store that for you in Zagreb so you don’t have to carry it all seven days with you).

day 7

Brunch and goodbye!

*Note: Due to ELASA Croatia 2020 mini meeting being postponed there might be some change in program which will be updated during July/August. For more information read here.

Participation fee includes: 6 nights in accommodations, 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners + international dinner, 1 brunch, transportation during the meeting (public transportation, bus to Rovinj and Rijeka, bus to Zagreb), goodie bags and many more.
More information about meeting locations read in Theme.


This event is supported by the following institutions and companies, we are really grateful for all their support!

DIONAEA-vrtovi / DIONAEA-gardens
Rovinj tourism board
Studio KAPPO
Prior inženjering
Bruns nursery

Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
Oris – House of Architecture

Juice Box
Sitotisak i dizajn Cvirn
Happy Hobby Shop

ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools)
IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects)

Chillout Zagreb
Hostel 1W

Media sponsor
HDKA – Hrvatsko društvo krajobraznih arhitekata / CALA – Croatian Association of Landscape Architects

USKA – Landscape Architecture Student Association Croatia

And counting…



Hello everybody, I’m Ivona and I’m forever landscape architecture student returning from exchange in Sweden. This will be my sixth ELASA meeting, as you can tell I really love the feeling and atmosphere this meetings have. I’m super excited to show you our beautiful Croatia and host first ever ELASA meeting here. Aside from student life, I’m big photography and travel freak and love to explore new places. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Bok, my name is Zrinka, graduated landscape architect especially passionate about Croatian cultural landscapes, dry stone walls and urban landscape design focused on communities. I am interested in DIY and graphic design as well. Volunteering is my way of making a change and raising awareness about importance of landscape architecture through different projects and workshops. I can’t wait to show you the great potential of Croatian landscapes and present you our lifestyle of spending quality time while drinking coffee!


Hey everybody, my name is Andrej and I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Landscape architecture. I’m mostly interested in everything that deals with plants! Besides that, I’m very much interested in nature protection, landscape planning and sustainable landscape design. In my free time, I find joy in photography, yoga and staring through the window. I’m looking forward to meeting my peers from all around Europe!


Hi everyone! My name is Ariana, I’m 24 years old. I’m a graduate student of landscape architecture in Zagreb, and currently I’m on Erasmus exchange in Bologna. I like to spend  free time doing outdoor activities, like long walks and bike – riding  during the end of day on sunset. Sunsets are my passion – almost every evening I spend some time on my balcony watching them. The second thing I’m crazy about is reading novels on sofa at midnight, when everybody sleeps. I’m really enthusiastic about this year’s mini meeting in Croatia!  Can’t wait to see you!


Hey everyone! My name is Marija but everybody calls me Marča. I am a creative and calm person who enjoys  spending time in nature as well as exploring urban landscapes whenever possible. Currently I am finishing my Master´s degree in landscape architecture and I am looking forward to meet you all and show you our country.


Hi everyone! My name is Antonia and I’m a landscape architecture student in my 4th year. My special interests are rural landscapes and Croatian cultural landscape and heritage. I’m a music lover and a fierce dancer. This is my first time participating in an ELASA meeting, so I look forward to this new expericence and meeting you all!


Hi, I’m Elvira and I’m finishing my Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. I’ve already been on two ELASA meetings and one Erasmus exchange so I really like to meet new people and cultures as well as traveling. I have a big passion about photography and I enjoy sports a lot! I’m looking forward to meet all you new Elasians and to reconnect with the old ones!


We encourage you to travel sustainable and to reduce or neutralize your carbon footprint.
For this oportunity we have made sure that you get 15% on roundtrip with Flixbus.


Many buses, like our sponsor Flixbus, generally arrive at The main bus station (Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb). In this case you should take the tram no. 6 (direction Črnomerec) and after 5 stops exit on Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića (the main square) and walk for 5’ to our accommodation – Chillout Hostel.

From The main bus station to the main square:


If you are traveling by train you need to arrive at the main railway station “Glavni kolodvor”. From there you can take the tram no. 6 (direction Črnomerec) or no. 13 (direction Žitnjak) and exit after 2 stops on Trg  Bana Josipa Jelačića (the main square) and walk for 5’ to our accommodation – Chillout Hostel.

From the main railway station “Glavni kolodvor” to the main square:


If you are traveling by plane, you can fly to “Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman”; ZAG.

From the airport you have 3 options:

1. There is a bus 290 you can take (cca 45 min, every 30 min, 1,5 € – 10 KN*) that drives to Kvaternikov Trg. From there you can take tram no. 11 (direction Črnomerec) or no. 12 (direction Trešnjevka) and after 4 stops exit on Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića (the main square) and walk for 5’ to our accommodation – Chillout Hostel.
Link to bus schedule https://www.zet.hr/raspored-voznji/325?route_id=290&datum=20200331

From airport to Kvaternikov Trg bus station:

From Kvaternikov Trg bus station to Kvaternikov Trg tram station:

From Kvaternikov Trg tram station to the main square:


Once you have finally arrived at the main square “Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića”,  you should walk 5 minutes to reach the accomodation. Meeting point address is: Chillout Hostel, Tomićeva ulica 5A, 10000, Zagreb


Culture, cultural heritage & landscapes

Croatia – such a small country, but incredibly full of life. 

In terms of culture, today we say that Croatian territory was influenced by three different cultural impacts – the Mediterranean, Central European and Balcanic. As a result of that, during 14 centuries of existence, it changed numerous governors, from Roman empire, Austro – Hungarian Monarchy to Yugoslavian Federation, until it became a sovereign Republic. This variety resulted in a melting pot of different cultures and it’s likely to reflect on its landscape.

Our aim is to take You on a journey – a journey where we will be going back in time and explore the drystone  heritage with hilltop burgs our ancestors left to us till we don’t return in present and walk on crowded streets between ex – industrial sites of the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Go With The Flow

This slogan invites to meet Croatian cultural landscapes, follow an immaginary pathway which connects them and take the possibility for their exploring. In the same time, it presents a bunch of young enthusiastic people who want to boost their knowledge. The term Flow also presents any water feature – river, lake, underground stream, sea – which enabled city development nearby.

All locations we plan to visit are situated nearby a water feature. 

First of them is the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Situated along river Sava, it has a specific longitudinal shape which was conditioned because of its position between a mountain on north and a river on south. It gets a special charm during spring when magnolia trees are in bloom and many people, especially students, use green spaces as picnic areas.  Recently Zagreb was given title of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of EU. 

After the city comes the countryside – In an old – mill site in Istria, a river formed hollows in karst and fulfilled them. The site represents a specific scenery thanks to the white karst which gives turquoise color to the water in hollows. Next to the mills partially inside a cave is situated an artificial lake, used for recreation and leisure during summer period. Before leaving the central Istria, possibly we’ll have a traditional lunch in a romantic hilltop town in very heart of Istria.

Situated on western Istrian coast, Rovinj is well – known as a tourism oriented town. From the traditional urban pattern eventually pops out a contemporary designed hotel with its surroundings where sustainable development with usage of native plants are cornerstones of every landscape design.

The last destination is European Capital of Culture 2020, city of Rijeka. Famous for its industrial heritage, it offers possibilities for rethinking and new usage of such sites. Getting the title of Capital of culture, many lectures and workshops has been held to gain the main goal – give a new identity to the city. Same aim has the final landscape design workshop which is going to be placed right in Rijeka.


Croatia is a country of South and Southeast Europe, located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro on continental part and it is sharing maritime border in the Adriatic Sea with Italy.

Croatia is small but highly geographically diverse country with many different regions, dialects and cultural characteristics. The hilly northern parts and the flat plains in the east are traversed by major rivers such as Dunav, Drava, Kupa, and Sava. The central and southern regions near the Adriatic coastline and islands consist of low mountains and forested highlands.

The capital is Zagreb, located in the north. Other bigger cities are Osijek, Split and Rijeka. Most of them are positioned on the Adriatic coast where the bulk of the tourist industry is concentrated.

Besides beautiful Mediterranean coastline with over 1000 islands, our country is most known for scientist Nikola Tesla, who was born in Croatia, neck ties (Cravat) which soldiers in the Middle age wore around their necks and delicious homemade food and drinks. Croatian are known as a friendly people and good hosts. They are always looking forward to introduce foreigners with local food and sometimes force them to try it even though they are not hungry.

We are really excited to show you our beautiful country and unique gems!


ELASA is European Landscape Architecture Student Association which promotes cooperation, exchange and mobility of the students within the association and also gives support for developing landscaping ideas and concepts across Europe. Next year, Croatia will become a host country for the first time and will be hosting a one-week ELASA meeting welcoming students from more than 10 countries around Europe. The association itself has around 1000 members and operates in a close connection with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS). Each year an annual meeting (summer) and a smaller mini-meeting (spring) are arranged. Every meeting is organised in a different country by landscape architecture students of a university from that country. After the spring meeting, we are organising annual meeting in Bulgaria.

ELASA shapes landscape architecture students from all over Europe. Each country is represented by a country representative. Led by a Representative in meetings of the European and global professional and educational landscape architecture organizations like IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), EFLA (European Federation of Landscape Architecture) and ECLAS (European Counsel of Landscape Architecture Schools).

These meetings are really important for our association because this is one of the main ways of keeping communication, sharing information and planning the next meetings. For this reason, a big welcome and thank you for being part of this team.