Hello everybody, I’m Ivona and I’m forever landscape architecture student returning from exchange in Sweden. This will be my sixth ELASA meeting, as you can tell I really love the feeling and atmosphere this meetings have. I’m super excited to show you our beautiful Croatia and host first ever ELASA meeting here. Aside from student life, I’m big photography and travel freak and love to explore new places. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Bok, my name is Zrinka, graduated landscape architect especially passionate about Croatian cultural landscapes, dry stone walls and urban landscape design focused on communities. I am interested in DIY and graphic design as well. Volunteering is my way of making a change and raising awareness about importance of landscape architecture through different projects and workshops. I can’t wait to show you the great potential of Croatian landscapes and present you our lifestyle of spending quality time while drinking coffee!


Hey everybody, my name is Andrej and I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Landscape architecture. I’m mostly interested in everything that deals with plants! Besides that, I’m very much interested in nature protection, landscape planning and sustainable landscape design. In my free time, I find joy in photography, yoga and staring through the window. I’m looking forward to meeting my peers from all around Europe!


Hi everyone! My name is Ariana, I’m 24 years old. I’m a graduate student of landscape architecture in Zagreb, and currently I’m on Erasmus exchange in Bologna. I like to spend  free time doing outdoor activities, like long walks and bike – riding  during the end of day on sunset. Sunsets are my passion – almost every evening I spend some time on my balcony watching them. The second thing I’m crazy about is reading novels on sofa at midnight, when everybody sleeps. I’m really enthusiastic about this year’s mini meeting in Croatia!  Can’t wait to see you!


Hey everyone! My name is Marija but everybody calls me Marča. I am a creative and calm person who enjoys  spending time in nature as well as exploring urban landscapes whenever possible. Currently I am finishing my Master´s degree in landscape architecture and I am looking forward to meet you all and show you our country.


Hi everyone! My name is Antonia and I’m a landscape architecture student in my 4th year. My special interests are rural landscapes and Croatian cultural landscape and heritage. I’m a music lover and a fierce dancer. This is my first time participating in an ELASA meeting, so I look forward to this new expericence and meeting you all!


Hi, I’m Elvira and I’m finishing my Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. I’ve already been on two ELASA meetings and one Erasmus exchange so I really like to meet new people and cultures as well as traveling. I have a big passion about photography and I enjoy sports a lot! I’m looking forward to meet all you new Elasians and to reconnect with the old ones!

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